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i'm casey ariel

management consultant + advisor.

I am a former banker in the tech sector, published author, global speaker, management consultant, board member, and startup founder. In 2020, I founded Blaze Group, a research + intelligence firm offering personalized education to Black women entrepreneurs. Our app features an AI Business Advisor engineered with Big Mama's intelligence. Blaze Group is a 2024 Webby Awards Nominee for Best in AI, Metaverse, & Virtual.


From the United States to Sub-Saharan Africa, I have designed innovative solutions across diverse sectors to tackle systemic disparities and promote racial + gender equity. My globe-shifting solutions empower enterprises to skillfully access untapped markets while making a meaningful impact on the world. 

With a decade of experience in global corporate + investment banking, I leverage expertise from years of structuring multi-billion dollar tech-sector deals to helping the most promising, forward-thinking enterprises in funding + piloting disruptive solutions that close racial + cultural wealth gaps. 

I serve on the Advisory Boards of and Village Micro Fund. I served as the Fractional Chief Credit Officer of Hello Tractor, Inc., raising +$10MM and successfully deploying innovative asset financing to the un-/underbanked across Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda (40% of borrowers being women). 

I am highly regarded for my keen ability to challenge limiting assumptions at the highest levels of an organization + shorten the time lapses between insights and action. I've consistently delivered results through my deep understanding of financial analysis, risk management, + strategic planning. I've helped startups and nonprofits streamline project execution, pilot innovative business plans measured against key performance indicators (KPIs), and achieve notable scale .

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let's move you forward.


Is your leadership team overwhelmed by day-to-day operations, leaving little time to focus on driving key projects forward? I have the specialized expertise to propel your business forward.  

As an experienced founder and global finance professional, I understand the challenges of scaling a business, especially when you're pioneering in your industry. As a management consultant, I offer the competencies and laser-focus needed to propel your company forward, without the cost of a full-time hire.

Here's how I can help: 

  • Financial Strategy - With a degree in Corporate Finance and +13 years of global experience, I have the expertise to optimize your cash flows, improve profitability, and maximize your return on investment. Let me create a financial strategy to drive your business' success. 

  • Decisiveness - As your trusted partner, I will provide the clarity + confidence you need to make informed decisions. Together, we will develop an agile framework, allowing your business to adapt + learn in a fluid environment. 

  • Project Mapping - Instead of overwhelming yourself with tackling the entire challenge at once, let's break down your vision into manageable project pieces. By prioritizing these smaller components, we can effectively track indicators that inform your overall strategy + bring order to the chaos. 

Don't let operational demands hold you back from achieving your business goals. I will help you navigate the complexities of innovation + achieve success!

i roll up my sleeves + get in the ring with you.

When investing your hard-earned dollars in support of your company, you deserve top talent. With my expertise in financial strategy + execution, you can trust that I will deliver exceptional results. I am agile + responsive to your unexpected needs + challenges. I am committed to being by your side through thick + thin.

Impact I've made through some of my notable partner case studies.  

  • Case Study 1: Fractional Chief Credit Officer for Hello Tractor, Inc. in Nairobi, Kenya - I engineered an innovative financial product that provided traditionally unbanked individuals with access to commercial tractors for revenue generation across Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda. Through this initiative, we successfully raised over $10MM in capital, What's more, 40% of the borrowers were women borrowers, and we achieved an impressive 100% repayment rate in the first year. Together, we empowered the smallholder farmer agricultural ecosystem + catalyzed unprecedented progress in the commercial lending sector. 

  • Case Study 2: Management Consultant for The Literacy Lab in Washington, D.C. - I was key in streamlining organizational transformation at The Literacy Lab. By conducting market research, scenario planning analysis, and strategic planning, we aimed to achieve more meaningful scale improve accessibility, enhance data capture, and foster culture competency in service delivery. In an industry challenged by plummeting literacy rates, tutor workforce shortages, and AI disruption, our efforts focused on ensuring market defensibility. Together, we navigated these complex challenges + positioned The Literacy Lab for continued success. 

  • Case Study 3: Board Advisor for in San Francisco, CA - As a deeply engaged partner, I contributed in sourcing top talent, challenging traditional banking practices, and deepening trust with historically disenfranchised communities across the United States. My collaboration with aimed to create financial opportunities and promote social equity. By fostering inclusive practices, we uplifted communities + made a lasting impact in the entrepreneurial landscape. 

what clients say...

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"Casey is a fearless and dedicated leader who was the tip of the spear in launching Hello Tractor's innovative tractor finance product. Her commitment to attacking bias forced me to address the bias that I brought to our work and I am a better leader for it."

Jehiel Oliver, Hello Tractor

strength in numbers.



As a valued partner, you benefit from my expertise  and the well that I draw from across my community of customers, partners, mentors, accelerators, and strategic partners. I will keep you abreast of relevant opportunities + trends, plus tap my network for added perspective related to our endeavors. 

Interested in working with me

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