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corporate training + consulting.

I leverage more than 16 years of study and leadership across international markets to provide socially conscious organizations with training and consulting services.

I am the Founder/CEO of Blaze Group, a 3x Webby Awards distinguished research + intelligence firm that has educated more than 10,000 emerging entrepreneurs across the globe. I served as the Fractional Chief Credit Officer of Hello Tractor, Inc., raising +$10MM and successfully deploying innovative asset financing to the un-/underbanked across Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda (40% women borrowers; +100% repayment rate). I serve as a trusted advisor to and Village Micro Fund.

As a former VP in global corporate + investment banking, I have structured multi-billion dollar deals for the largest tech companies in the world and led extensive training programs for professionals from around the world. I'd love to work with your institution to further your success.


Enroll in my Equitable Finance enterprise training program. Email me at

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what clients say...

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"Casey is a fearless and dedicated leader who was the tip of the spear in launching Hello Tractor's innovative tractor finance product. Her commitment to attacking bias forced me to address the bias that I brought to our work and I am a better leader for it."

Jehiel Oliver, Hello Tractor

Casey is an incredible powerhouse. I had the pleasure of working with her at Bank of America. She energized the institution to create a more inclusive and diverse workplace. She has empowered many women to speak-up and take the next step in their careers.

People around Casey are challenged to exceed their own expectations of themselves (personally and professionally). She is a natural leader that defines what the future of leadership will be. She leads by asking questions to create greater understanding and then empowers the individual to make informed decisions.

She has made a significant impact in my life. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to have worked with her. I have no doubt she will continue to make a positive impact in this world.

Karina Skuggedal, San Francisco

... and more testimonials.

Elise Washington, Oakland

Casey is a multi gifted professional with a passion for helping individuals (especially those for overlooked communities) discover their purpose. I've had the pleasure of partnering with Casey on two events focused on D&I, self advocacy, and navigating the rules of Corporate America. In both instances, she provided invaluable insights and tangible strategies. As Casey moves into this next chapter of helping entrepreneurs build, launch, and scale their business - I know she will excel and provide exceptional value!

Ben Guffey, Charlotte

Casey is an incredible intellect and talent. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious to those who interact with her and any organization or individual will benefit from her expertise.

Beyond her technical expertise she has always shown great character. In the few years that I’ve been able to work with Casey I’ve known her to always be reliable and professional in every setting. This is why so many trust her and follow her guidance. I’ve seen her both be mentored and mentor others - she has a sincere focus on growth for everyone.

I’d recommend Casey for anything she says she can do - because I trust her judgment and integrity as much as any expertise.

David Hummel, Jr., Cincinnati

I worked with Casey at Bank of America and have the highest respect for her. She was a leader in our PPP Forgiveness work stream and was clearly a subject matter expert in many areas. She was also a true diversity and inclusion champion who participated in several courageous conversations within the Bank. I highly recommended her.

Demetrius Anderson, Oakland

When I first met Casey, it was obvious that she was someone who exhibited star quality. I was immediately magnetized by her executive presence, leadership skills, and the way she naturally commanded respect from senior leaders and peers alike. I knew at that very moment that I was in the presence of greatness.

During our time working together, Casey and I have partnered on several initiatives focusing on highlighting the talent and skills of our underrepresented workforce, volunteerism, and diversity and inclusion. When she decided to become an entrepreneur, I congratulated her with full faith in knowing that her expertise in the financial services industry would be monumental in the acceleration of her business venture(s).

Trusted advisor, teammate, esteemed author, but more importantly, a friend. I am honored to recommend Casey as a highly qualified businesswoman who’s displays her business acumen with the utmost professionalism.

Debra White, Glen Allen

I met Casey earlier this year and the first impression I received was a strong, intelligent, dedicated professional woman. At each turn I watched her take on challenge after challenge with grace and finesse. Her communication is very clear, concise and delivered in a way that is easy to understand. She is an inclusive leader who shares her knowledge and expertise with anyone who asks or needs her help. She stands out to me as a woman of courage. Anyone privileged to have the opportunity to work with Casey will not be disappointed.

Michael Wagner, San Francisco

I worked with Casey for several years and can confidently attest to the fact that she has all of the facets of a business leader; empathy, strong communication skills, mentorship, ability to lead and own a project, D&I expertise, and the intellect to quickly absorb complex / new information and to have a view. Casey is the A team.

Rachel Tobin, Alpharetta

Casey is a great leader! She is a strong communicator, who speaks with great candor and warmth. I expect her to have notable success in her career. It has been a pleasure to work with her and watch her grow. I have always been impressed.

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