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work with me!

experienced founder + management consultant.


From the United States to Sub-Saharan Africa, I have designed globe-shifting solutions that bring racial + gender equity to the sectors of finance, agriculture, education, and entrepreneurship.

I worked for a decade as a global corporate + investment banker, structuring multi-billion dollar loans for technology corporates. Blaze Group was established to bridge world-class knowledge to the African diaspora. 

I serve on the Advisory Boards of and Village Micro Fund. I served as the Fractional Chief Credit Officer of Hello Tractor, Inc., raising +$10MM and successfully deploying innovative asset financing to the un-/underbanked across Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda (40% of borrowers being women). 

My management consulting expertise has helped startups and nonprofits shrink their time from idea to project execution, pilot innovative business plans measured by KPIs, and achieve scale with the prudent use of resources.

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you've been stagnant

let's move you forward.


If your leaders have been drowning in the day-to-day aspects of running the business while also trying to stay focused on moving key projects forward - it's likely time to bring in specialized expertise.  

As an experienced founder and globally seasoned professional, I understand the challenges of scale - especially for those who are pioneers in their industry.  As a management consultant, I'll bring the competencies and laser-focus needed to move your company forward, without the price tag of a full-time hire!

Here's how I help: 

  • Decisiveness - As a partner in the ring with you, I'll help you gain the clarity and confidence to act based on informed decisions and a framework for being agile as fluid learning takes place.  

  • Project Mapping - Don't attempt to slay the whole dragon! We'll break down your vision into small (project) pieces that are prioritized. We'll settle the chaos + track indicators that inform strategy.  

  • Financial Strategy - I have a degree in Corporate Finance, with +12 years of global experience in the field. I can help optimize your cash flows, improve profitability, and maximize your return on investment.

i roll up my sleeves + get in the ring with you.


You want top talent when you are spending your hard-earned dollars on support within your company. Not only am I highly competent in business strategy + execution, my clients can always trust that I am agile in responding to their unexpected needs and challenges. I'm in this with you, come what may. 

Case studies on client impact: 

  • Fractional Chief Credit Officer for Hello Tractor, Inc. -- Nairobi, Kenya: Engineered an innovative financial product that granted the traditionally unbanked financial access to commercial tractors for revenue generation across Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda. +$10MM in capital raised + deployed, 40% women borrowers, +100% repayment rates in first year. 

  • Management Consultant for The Literacy Lab -- Washington, D.C.: Steering market research + strategic planning of an organizational transformation to drive more meaningful scale, accessibility, data capture, and cultural competency. Ensuring market defensibility in an industry currently impacted by plummeting literacy rates, workforce shortages, and AI disruption. 

  • Management Consultant for Women Who Matter Too -- Contra Costa, CA: Key leadership + expertise in transitioning from an in-person-only nonprofit business model to a digital, globally visible service delivery. Significantly build leadership capacity in sustaining digital-first solutions and client servicing.   

  • Board Advisor for -- San Francisco, CA: Deeply engaged partner in sourcing top talent, challenging status quo banking practices, and deepening trust with historically disenfranchised communities across the United States. 

what clients say...

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"Casey is a fearless and dedicated leader who was the tip of the spear in launching Hello Tractor's innovative tractor finance product. Her commitment to attacking bias forced me to address the bias that I brought to our work and I am a better leader for it."

Jehiel Oliver, Hello Tractor

not standing alone.

the whole gang


As a management consulting client, you not only benefit from my expertise - but also the well that I draw from across my community of customers, partners, mentors, accelerators, and strategic partners. I will keep you abreast of relevant opportunities + trends, as well as tap my network for added perspective related to our endeavors. 

Ready to partner

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