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i'm casey!

tech founder, financial activist, + consultant.

I am a lover of neo-soul, jazz, trap music + r+b. I am the Founder of BLAZE GROUP, a socio-business app that is transforming the way Black women entrepreneurs are cultivated. I'm the author of Pain Unseen: The Truths That Lie Beneath My Strength, a memoir that is breaking the cycle of silent suffering. I am the wife of a beautiful Tanzanian man whom I met during a solo trip in Zanzibar. My passion is helping Black women build + scale businesses without burnout - period.

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hey, beautiful

I am casey ariel, tech founder + consultant!

I have committed my life to creating + protecting space for Black people to secure true freedom. I am the Founder of Blaze Group, a tech company creating worlds of ease for Black women entrepreneurs.


I’ve spent more than a decade structuring solutions for companies around the world. I pour all that knowledge into the business owners I serve at scale. Tap in:

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hire me to speak

People may forget what you say, but they'll never forget the way you make them feel.

I've impacted thousands of women around the world, helping them to step out into their wildest dreams. Some have walked away from corporate jobs that suffocated them, others have launched profitable products in mere months, while others have cried refreshing tears of liberation because they finally see a clear path to stepping into the freedom that they deserve. Would you like me to speak to your community?


My core values


Freedom is our birthright. It does not need to be earned. I empower Black women visionaries to create the lifestyles of their dreams.


Entrepreneurs have the incredible luxury of defining the structure of their own lives. I help Black women achieve the flexibility that is imperative for wellness.


When you're stuck living someone else's dream for your life, you're constantly drained + depleted. I help Black women develop the courage to be who they really are.


Every single day of my life feels like a vacation because I've immersed myself in things I love! I help Black women tap into their version of fun as well!

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