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7 Countries With Long-Term Visas for Digital Nomads

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

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Digital Nomads travel and work around the globe. There are many countries that offer long-term or remote work visas, which is good news for digital nomads. The pandemic has also helped more countries take a more active stance on digital nomadism. To attract long-term travelers, many countries are now accepting the concept of Digital Nomad Visas. The following are 7 countries that offer long-term visas for digital nomads.

The Bahamas - Extended Access Travel Stay

The Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay program (BEATS), allows digital nomads to work for up to one year in The Bahamas. Nomads can work on any one of 16 islands in the Bahamas by being accepted into BEATS during their visa period.


  • This 12-month program is available

  • If accepted, individuals will need to pay $25 USD as an application fee and $1,000 USD for a work permit.

Antigua and Barbuda - Digital Nomad Residency Visa

Consider the islands of Antigua or Barbuda for a digital nomad visa. You can relax on the island while you are self-employed or a freelancer.


  • The program is for 24 months

  • Individuals who apply must pay a $1500 USD application fee

  • You will need to prove your employment status and that you are earning at least $50,000 USD per year during your stay

  • Approval can take up to 14 days

Brazil - Brazilian Digital Nomad Visa

As of January 2022, Brazil was the first country in South America to have a Digital Nomad Visa. More details about it are still being brought to light. Brazilian embassies are the only way to apply for now.


  • The visa is valid for 12 months and can be renewed for another 12 months

  • A monthly income of $1,500 is required

Costa Rica - Rentisa

Rentisa, a temporary residence program for remote workers in Costa Rica, offers a two-year period of temporary residency. This visa is only for self-employed workers. You cannot have an employer if you want to qualify for this visa.


  • The program is for 24 months and can be renewed as long you meet the requirements.

  • The applicant must deposit $60,000 USD in a local bank or make at least $2,500 USD per month.

Croatia - Digital Nomad Temporary Residence

Croatia is the ideal place to live if you want to feel as if you are in Game of Thrones, or just by the ocean in Europe. You will find beautiful architecture and a relaxed environment here.


  • This 12-month program can be extended up to 6 months.

  • The applicant must earn at least $2,481 USD per month

  • Visas cost approximately $70 USD

Estonia - Digital Nomad Visa

Estonia is well-known for its eResidency program. They have made it easier for remote workers to travel around the country while working from home with the Digital Nomad Visa.


  • This 12-month program is available

  • A EUR80-100 EURO application fee is required depending on the length of your stay.

  • You must show proof of a minimum monthly income of EUR3,504 EURO

  • All applications must be made in person at the Estonian Embassy or Consulate nearest you. Within one month of submission, applicants will be notified.

Mauritius - Premium Visa

Because there is no income requirement, the Mauritius Premium Visa can be used by anyone who is still building their digital portfolio.


  • The visa is valid for 12 months

  • Visa applications are free

  • Only need to show that you are willing to work remotely for a company in Mauritius or start your own business.


I hope you found this list useful even as you consider transitioning into a digital nomad lifestyle. I'll publish another list soon with even more options that you can choose from!

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