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Free Black Girls | Freedom to BE | Ep. 15

On this episode, Kelley Nayo-Jahi shares so many gems about creating space for Black women to thrive. She moved with haste during the pandemic - bridging Black businesses to the very corporations who were being pushed to be more conscious about the way they invested in Black communities if they were going to answer calls for swift progress.

Kelley has done so much for the culture - from creating handmade products with healing properties, to hosting business accelerators to consulting creatives! It was an honor to pick her brain. Enjoy this inspiring podcast episode.

Connect with Kelley Nayo-Jahi: Company Website | Instagram | LinkedIn More on Kelley Nayo-Jahi: Ms. Nayo-Jahi runs three businesses: Nayo Partners, Body Butter by Kelley and Asayo. In recent years, she has contributed to the growth of several start ups, including Landed, Uptima Business Bootcamp and Qeyno Labs. She specializes in mindful innovation and has extensive leadership experience with social impact start-ups. She is a respected connector who excels at cultivating, creating and maintaining relationships with a wide range of stakeholders. Kelley is respected within her community as a trusted bridge to opportunities that may not be easily accessible. In everything she does, she brings integrity, wisdom, hope and enthusiasm. It was an honor to share space with this beacon of hope, light, and change.

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