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Free Black Girls | The 10-Year Plan | Ep. 21

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Remember when we had the long list of all the things we HAD to do by the time we were 30 or the we'd be completely dissatisfied? Yeah - we cringed at the thought of "The 10-Year Plan" too! Tap in with my girl Nina and I as we reflect on all of the things that we've happily let go of as we've come into our own.

This episode was girl talk that was right on time! Especially after I recently cut off an expected 4-week trip short to protect my peace. Whew, chile!

Nina Scott is a Certified Life Coach who helps black mamas overcome the pressure of perfectionism by prioritizing selfcare and community. Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook | YouTube | Twitter

Join me for an in-person group coaching experience, where I teach you how to build a work-from-abroad business! For more information on annual WFA Immersion Week program, visit my homepage.

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