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Free Black Girls | The Munich Cowboys Cheerleaders | Ep. 22

On this episode, I had the great privilege of interviewing published author, Kathy Murray. Like myself, Kathy is a Black woman who left the corporate world and embarked on an expat lifestyle solo. She chronicles her experiences in her novel, The Munich Cowboys Cheerleaders.

I really enjoyed unpacking the life of a trailblazer with extremely rich experiences, while also acknowledging that there are still so many adventures that she looks forward to. #FreeBlackGirlEnergy

Kathy Murray is a certified personal trainer with over thirty years’ experience in the fitness industry. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University where she was a member of the 1983 National Cheerleading Championship Team.

After college she competed in and won the United States Aerobic Championship in 1986 and spent the year traveling the world as a Fitness Ambassador and worked as a free-lance educator to teach fitness to European Instructors.

While in Munich, she coached the Munich Cowboys (American Football) Cheerleaders to six national titles in cheerleading and was head trainer/translator for the German Gladiators during a pilot TV show for the International Gladiators.

Always an avid cyclist, Kathy dipped her toe into the world of multi-sport in 2000, first competing in duathlons then eventually moving to triathlons. Kathy has owned her personal training business Fit Bodies for 25 years and in 2022 co-authored the Audible book, The Munich Cowboy Cheerleaders based on her time coaching the squad.

She lives in Atlanta with her husband Lutalo, dog Mingus and cat Sassy. Website | Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook | YouTube | Twitter

If you're interested in learning how to become an expat on your own terms, join me for an in-person group coaching experience in Cape Town, South Africa. For more information about WFA Immersion Week, visit my homepage.

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