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Pain Unseen + Freedom in Fragility

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

At the top of 2020, I published my first book called Pain Unseen: The Truths That Lie Beneath My Strength. There was such an overwhelming response to the truths I poured out in my memoir - childhood trauma, physical abuse, divorce, mental breakdown - that I formed a community for others to feel connected in their healing. The name of that community was Freedom in Fragility.

Freedom in Fragility was born out of pain. And breaking.

It was conceived after my striving to be the impenetrable Strong Black woman, and failing at doing so. Not because I wasn’t good enough – but because such a state of being does not exist.

I’ve learned that freedom is as interconnected to frailty as wind is to air. Both exist. Both are present. At times, you can’t tell them apart.

I’ve found beauty and healing in speaking up when I am not my best self. In saying “no.” In deciding that I’ll get to certain things next week and that my well-being is always the priority.

I’ve learned to love up on femininity and frailty. To kiss wounds and sit with pain. I’ve learned that I don’t have to carry more than my loved ones do just because they’d rather not speak on elephants in rooms. I’ve learned to be… as big and wide and in need as I am.

I believe that you can too. 🙂

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