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How my love for travel inspired me to set up my location-independent business

An Early Love

Travel is one of those things I would say has always been ingrained in my DNA. When I was a teenager – I’d drive from Columbia, where I grew up, to Myrtle Beach, Greenville, Alabama, Augusta and so on. There was always a draw to be part of a broader experience and culture.

By the time I joined corporate America, I could afford to go farther – so it was California, New York, Boston, etc. My first international trip was a four-city tour to London, Barcelona, Venice, and Paris. My head was spinning – so I was inclined to go for longer stretches. It became Fiji for one week and Sydney for another. It was Ghana for one week and South Africa for another. Travel has never lost its draw for me, and today, it’s a huge part of my lifestyle.

Freedom + Flexibility

I love the idea of being a digital nomad because it’s given me a level of flexibility that I never really imagined possible! I don’t have to lend my life to any degree of permanency. I love that for me. I deserve that. I am extremely creative. I’m constantly inspired. I don’t have a desire to commit myself to any monotonous routine – and with my current lifestyle, I don’t have to.

Travel has allowed me to silence a lot of the noise that pushed me in any one particular place based on customs and/or limiting beliefs. When I explore the world, my creativity is at a beautiful high – as I’m constantly inspired by all that I’m absorbing. I never leave a location the same. I take something with me. Whether that is perspective, new thoughts about food, a deepened sense of understanding based on historical context, new friendships made, and the list goes on. Travel is a huge part of growing in my human experience – both as a person and a founder.

Impact on Relationships

Travel has also been a beautiful part of the fabric in my relationships. My family is always so excited for me when I go places. They soak up the stories conveyed in my photos, almost feeling as if they are there. I believe that my travels have also inspired a lot of the people I love – in more ways than merely influencing to explore the world. My travels have given people a sense of hope about what lies “outside of the boxes” we’re often placed in. There’s a bit of defiance that is sparked – and I love that.

Pushing Me Forward

More importantly, adopting the digital nomad lifestyle has allowed me to set up a business that I can run from anywhere in the world! I have been able to put in place processes and systems to make my business location-independent so I can get work done while I travel the world freely. The experience has allowed me to learn more and more about how to make my life easier as a nomad with time.

Black Women Deserve

Black women are incredibly brave – yet we’ve often committed our best energy and years to advance other people. Our companies, our families, our communities, our friends, our countries, and our peers. Black women should absorb more joy for themselves. We get one go around the track, there are no do-overs. I want to see us do what their hearts desire and have confidence in knowing that there is still so much love, connection, and fulfilment on the other side of that.

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