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Blaze Group hosts a summit that shocks the world

Oakland, CA -- December 13, 2021 -- On December 1-5, 2021, Blaze Group LLC hosted a global virtual summit that targeted Black female entrepreneurs around the globe. The Blaze Virtual Summit | Winter 2021 was anything but bland. It boasted dope female DJs from the East + West coasts, more than 40 speaker sessions that edified Black women and included fun engagement for more than 850 registrants!

"Some even stated that they are now line sisters after attending the summit.."

Access was at the forefront of Founder Casey Richardson's mind when she threw this epic programming. Black women-owned businesses lack access to capital, mentorship and knowledge relative to their peers. As a result, many of them aren't aware of the systems and business principles that are missing in their business models. Casey Richardson made the summit absolutely free for all attendees to ensure that world-class knowledge was delivered in terms that Black women could resonate with.

There were tears, long exhales, streams of emoji reactions floating across the stage and daily excitement. In fact, summit registrants attended 8 sessions on average - a huge win for Blaze Group LLC, given its focus on educating Black female entrepreneurs. Given strong attendance rates and high engagement, attendees began developing tribe-like bonds. Some even stated that they were now line sisters after attending the summit, a huge compliment to the summit experience.

Several attendees have shared their feedback in video testimonials, which are showcased on the Blaze Group homepage. Anyone who missed the summit is encouraged to catch the replays. You're also welcome to join the tribe of Black female entrepreneurs who are blazing trails in their niches - the Blaze Women's Network.

BLAZE GROUP LLC supports +3,500 Black female entrepreneurs by providing them with access to knowledge, capital and mentorship. The company offers semi-annual virtual summits, interactive learning through the Blaze Knowledge Academy, a capital partnership program with and 1:1 coaching + consulting retainers.

BLAZE GROUP Press Contact: Casey Richardson, Founder,

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